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If you have a desire to sponsor or collaborate with Firefighter’s ABCs, Firefighter Diversity Recruitment Council or the National Recruit Database, please contact us with a brief overview of your organization and how we might work together. All request will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Email: info@firefightersabcs.com


We thank Toyota for supporting diversity in the 21st Century Fire and EMS field and for supporting our 21st Century Firefighter’s ABCs website.

Without such sponsorship’s diversity would not take place for our diverse youth nationwide.

Most of all diversity supports our communities nationwide.

Let’s Go Places with Toyota.

With pleasure we accept Pierce Mfg. as our sponsor in support of diverse and low-income youth to attend EMT school.

Diverse youth shall be selected from our six regions nationwide.

The future of diversity in the Fire and EMS field shall be achieved in part due to the 21st Century thinking and support of those such as Pierce Mfg.

Thank you Pierce Mfg.

Silicon Valley Ambulance EMS Training Center

They have partnered with FFABCs to provide a substantial discount to our selected youth who attend their rapid paced EMT training program.

These diverse and low-income youth shall reside in Santa Clara County.

We thank Silicon Valley Ambulance for their support.



The California State Firefighters’ Association (CSFA) is the oldest and largest statewide fire association representing thousands of fire service professionals from all elements of fire service. CSFA is committed to building a strong community for all firefighters. We are dedicated to delivering up-to-date information impacting Fire Services throughout the state of California and key knowledge needed to assist you. CSFA has worked at the state level since 1922 offering a strong voice with legislators who vote on benefits, working conditions and public safety issues.

Please read our partnership letter with Firefighter’s ABCs in support of diversity.

Emergency Services Consulting International (ESCI) is an international firm founded over 40 years ago. Our firm provides specialized, high quality, professional fire, police, communications, and EMS consulting services to organizations throughout the United States and Canada. We specialize in strategic planning, master planning, standards of cover, pre-ISO evaluation, staffing, recruitment, selection, promotion, career development, diversity & inclusion, and executive selection. ESCI is the consulting arm of the IAFC, and as such, has access to the most progressive ideas and subject matter experts. Our staff includes 15 personnel and over 50 field consultants nationwide, ESCI provides consulting services to municipalities, districts, nonprofit organizations, and the industrial and commercial community.

Please read our partnership letter with Firefighter’s ABCs.

The Boys & Girls Club of Oshkosh has served our community for 50 years by keeping to our mission of improving the lives of children and families. Our vision is to be a generation-changing leading provider of programs emphasizing youth development services and family outreach support to meet the needs of young people ages 6 to 18 years-old and their families.We are one of the largest agencies in Oshkosh that provides basic needs to our 1800+ Club members and their families. We provide onsite showers, clothing support, hygiene supply support, back to school support, rental and bill assistance, meals, mental health services and more.

Thus, we are proud to partner with Pierce Mfg., Oshkosh Corp., Emergency Services Consulting International and Firefighter’s ABCs in an effort to support a more diverse candidate pool for the fire service.

PREAMBLE: Whereas we, Black Fire Fighters, aware of the increasing complexity of our problems and those of our Brothers and Sisters within the community, feel called upon to form an organization for the purpose of studying and solving such problems; in order to take our place in the vanguard of civilization, we hereby form ourselves into an organization for the purpose of cultivating and maintaining professional competence among fire fighters, and establishment of unity, also keeping alive the interest among retired members for the avowed purpose of improving the social status of our RACE, and increasing professional efficiency. Please see our EMT / Toyota Grant Program.

We are honored to partner with Firefighter’s ABCs and Toyota in their efforts to support a more diverse candidate pool for the fire service. Thus we have included FFABCs at many of our conventions, conferences and chapter events nationwide.

EMT Grant Donors

Thanks to generous contributions from our Funding Partners and the support of our Program Partners, we are able to announce an EMT Training Program that will pay the tuition of diverse low-income youths of all genders to attend EMT training schools throughout the United States. Those from diverse backgrounds (diverse background shall mean those from backgrounds which are under-represented in the fire service in the United States and Canada).

For complete rules and requirements and an application form, please refer to the EMT Rules and Application page.

We are very grateful for the support of our Funding Partners and our Program Partners s this Firefighter’s ABCs Program would not be possible without their continued support.

If you would like to become a Funding Partner or Program Partner, please contact us at accounts@firefightersabcs.com:

Funding Ranges:

Lifetime $20,000 >
Platinum $15,000 >
Gold $10,000 >
Silver $5,000 >
Bronze $2,000 >
$1,000 >
Supporter I $500 >
Supporter II $100 >
Supporter III $____ Monthly
Supporter IV $____ One Time


General Donors

If you would like to make a donation to support our efforts at achieving diversity in the Fire Service and EMS Field, please contact us at accounts@firefightersabcs.com.

If you would like your donation to be listed on our website please follow-up with an email to accounts@firefightersabcs.com with the following information:

Your first and last name.

Amount of your donation.

Other information you would like us to know about your donation.

We will then add it to our list of donors.

Please select here if you wish to download a copy of our donation letter.

Lastly and most important we ask that you encourage as many diverse youth with a focus on females and lower income youth starting at the 9th grade through and post college age to join our 100% Free Firefighter’s ABCs Online Internship Program. Please share this information throughout the United States and Canada.

If you wish to donate by check.

Make your check payable to:

Firefighter’s ABCs

P. O. Box 410

Gilroy, CA 95021

Include: Business Name and / or First and Last Name.

Include: Email Address.

Let us know if you wish your donation listed on our website.

To donate online select monthly or one-time by using the form below.

We thank you for your support.

Donation Amounts

We are not a 501c organization so, unfortunately donations are not tax deductible under normal circumstances. Please consult with your tax advisor for specific information about your tax situation.

  • Toyota Corp. – Lifetime
  • Pierce Mfg. – Lifetime
  • Lisa M. Lo Franco Noya – In Memorial – Bronze
  • Paul Inouye – Supporter – IV
  • Mary Tran and Family – Copper
  • Atbrehan Kelete – Supporter – II
  • Fred and Linda Hayden – Supporter – II
  • Amanda G Wheeler – Supporter – II
  • Rhonda E. Farber – Supporter – II
  • Tony Gonzales – Supporter II
  • Nita Rabe-Uyeno – Supporter II