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You’ll find the resources and information you need to become a great candidate for the fire service, or to improve the diversity of your agency.

Are you considering a career in the fire service?

Join the National Recruit Database – it’s free, and membership provides valuable tools and information on how to become a better candidate.

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Join the Firefighter Diversity Recruitment Council, and get access to monthly recommendations to improve your organization’s diversity.

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Ways to Help Firefighter’s ABCs

We have been blessed with a number of donors promoting our diversity activities, providing grants for EMT training, and making it easier for Fire Departments to join and benefit from our expertise in promoting diversity within the fire services.

Join one of these Campaigns Today by Donating and help achieve diversity in our Fire Services!

We are especially proud of our latest campaign – Sponsor a Location – A program we launched that allows an organization/company to sponsor all of the Fire Departments in a State, Province and/or Territory. You can read more about both the current sponsors and see Locations available for sponsorship here. Read More >>>