Council – Introduction

The Firefighter Diversity Recruitment Council

Starting Steps

Our Diverse World

America’s population has become increasingly diverse and continues to do so. We are sworn to serve all the people in out community without regard to race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. To effectively fulfill that charter our fire staff needs to reflect the diversity of our population.

Critical Questions:

  • Does your fire department mirror the increasingly diverse community that you serve?
  • Does your department have a diversity mandate or initiative?
  • Do you have a comprehensive & long-term diversity recruitment plan?
  • Does the recruitment of qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds seem like ‘finding a needle in a haystack’?

Even fire departments that are fully committed to realizing diversity face severe roadblocks.

Diversity is Challenging:

On the road to diversity, most fire departments face the following difficulties:

  • Resource limitations due to the inescapable and perpetual ‘budget crunch’.
  • Highly talented and motivated recruitment personnel that, unfortunately, are short on community outreach and target marketing experience.
  • Few available candidates due to the difficulty of extending diversity recruitment efforts beyond your traditional geographic boundaries.
  • An ongoing focus upon your next application event gets in the way of developing a longer-term, sustainable plan that keeps your diversity recruitment pipeline filled with quality candidates.

If you can relate to some or all of these issues, you are not alone in being diversity challenged. Nor are you alone in having viable solutions readily available.

Enhance Your Diversity Efforts, Immediately:

Joining the Firefighter Diversity Recruitment Council is something that your department can do, right now, to effectively address the challenges outlined above.

Formed by Firefighter’s ABCs, the Council is a collaborative forum of fire organizations and their HR recruitment teams. With a nation-wide membership of both large and small organizations, the Council’s mission is to achieve levels of diversity that more closely reflect the racial and gender make-up of served communities. And, to do so in a cost effective manner by:

  • Sharing “Best Practices” in the recruitment of diverse candidates.
  • Programs that more effectively target quality candidates.
  • Preparation tools that increase application & testing success rates.
  • Extending and deepening your diversity pipeline through personalized recruitment announcements to candidates subscribing to the National Recruit Database.

For only $125 per year, your membership benefits include:

  • “How-To” Diversity recruitment tips.
  • Free postings through the National Recruit Database to broadcast your recruitment events to a nation-wide including Canada pool of candidates.
  • Entry level and lateral job postings to candidates and Council departments.

Join the Council. Accelerate your diversity initiative.

Fill your diversity recruitment pipeline with quality candidates.

Communicate your department’s commitment to diversity.

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