EMT Training Grant Program

Thanks to generous contributions from our Funding Partners and the support of our Program Partners, we are able to announce an EMT Training Program that will pay the tuition of diverse low-income youths of all genders to attend EMT training schools throughout the United States. Those from diverse backgrounds (diverse background shall mean those from backgrounds which are under-represented in the fire service in the United States and Canada).

For complete rules and requirements and an application form, please refer to the EMT Rules and Application page.

We are very grateful for the support of our Funding Partners and our Program Partners s this Firefighter’s ABCs Program would not be possible without their continued support.

For more information about how you can become a Funding Partner or a Program Partner, please refer to the EMT Sponsors page.

Our current supports include:

Funding Partners:

  • Pierce Mfg.
  • Toyota Corp.
  • Silicon Valley Ambulance

Program Partners:

  • Boys and Girls Clubs Nationwide
  • International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters – IABPFF
  • Emergency Services Consulting International – ESCI
  • Firefighter’s ABCs – FFABC’s


  • Funding Partners – Provide the funding to support diverse youth in attending EMT school.
  • Program Partners – Provides the administration and selection of youth portion of the program.
  • ESCI – Provides the entry-level testing portion of the program.
  • FFABC’s – Provides the Online Internship portion of the program,  the content and support tools portion of the program via this website.