School Support


Firefighter’s ABCs is pleased to support high school and college students in their quest to become members of the Fire and Emergency Medical Service field.

There are a host of support items on our site to assist both students as well as school staff.

Once you have joined we encourage you to do the following:

  • Log in at least once a week and review something new
  • Log in at least once a week and review at least five F.L.A.S.H. T.E.S.T. questions
    • If you have trouble with a certain type of question – do additional research on this type of question (such as math)
  • Log in once a month and complete your Online Internship Monthly Task
    • Use the task form provided on our site
    • If you can’t complete the task in person complete the task via doing research  online
    • Once you have completed the task put the electronic form in your binder for review later
  • Remember to start a savings account for EMT or Paramedic school being a Paramedic is a must to becoming one of the best candidates
  • Social media
    • Friend us and Like us on Facebook – @firefighterabcs
    • Follow us on Instagram – @firefighterabcs
    • Follow us on Twitter – @firefighterabcs
    • Subscribe to us on YouTube – @firefighterabcs
  • Contact at least ten other diverse persons and start a study group
    • Five random age females with at least two in high school
    • Five random age males with at least two in high school
    • Try to have at least two members of the group be from a state other than that of the majority of the group – this will foster a broader learning curve
    • Go to Trello and set up at team board to manage all study material
  • Each group member should contact at least one other person a week anywhere in the United States of Canada and encourage them to also join on the site program
    • Keep track of everyone you mentor to join and make this part of your resume in terms of community outreach
  • Each group member should contact their local fire department and let them know what you are doing and ask them for any additional support they can provide
  • Remember hundreds will want a select few of these jobs so it is important that you don’t meet just the MQ’s but excell to a much higher level and become one of the top tier candidates
  • The most important thing to do is to leave no stone unturned or resourse untapped in your quest to become a member of the fire service or other related fields
  • No one person will have all the answers for your needs
  • No one site will have all the resources for your needs
  • No one fire department will be the one for you be willing to work anywhere
  • If anyone tries to limit where you can obtain information to increase your chances of being a better candidate – watch out – something is wrong

We wish each of you the best and we encourage more females to seek out the fire service as a profession.

Team Firefighter’s ABCs