Benefits of Registering in the National Recruit Database

If you aspire to a career within the Fire Service, joining the National Recruit Database is one of the best things that you can do to increase your prospects for success. For a very low subscription fee, receive email alerts of upcoming application, testing and other recruitment events. These will come directly from the Firefighter Diversity Recruitment Council, a nation-wide network of Fire Departments include areas such as:

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In addition to receiving valuable tips to help you become a more qualified candidate, there are many other useful resources available, such as:

  • Links to resources such as Paramedic and Emergency Medical Technician training, schools with a Fire Science programs, etc.
  • Fire Service organizations that can help you through their entry-level workshops and intern activities.
  • Volunteer and student fire programs.

A very important part of your National Recruit Database membership is a powerful assessment tool that you can use to determine your current level of preparedness as a viable candidate. Simply fill-in the blanks to develop your personal assessment profile. A “Candidate Rating” score is automatically generated as you fill-in pertinent information. You can then make changes to determine what areas of qualifications will increase your rating to become a more desirable candidate.

This is a great way to find out what will better prepare you to become a successful recruit. As a subscriber to the National Recruit Database, you can save your profile and update it as your qualifications change. And, you can use this great tool in total confidence. Neither your assessment profile, nor any other personal information, will ever be shared with any Fire Department or anyone else. Go ahead and take a “Free Tour”. You will immediately see how the assessment profile can help you.

Joining the National Recruit Database is one of the best steps that you can take on your path to becoming a successful recruit. Not only that, it is the most cost effective resource available that also alerts you to numerous career opportunities. All of these benefits are more affordable than you can imagine:

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