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Gutenberg – The goal of this program is to provide support to diverse youth who seek to become part of the fire service. Please read the rules and criteria for selection to make sure you qualify before submitting your application.

View the sample application questions – Applications shall be completed online.

View Sponsors or become a sponsor.

Once filled out, email it to the organization you are associated with (Example: Boys & Girls Club, NAACP, National Association of Hispanic Firefighters or the International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters) representative and to Firefighter’s ABCs at info@firefightersabcs.com.

Complete set of Rules and Requirements

1. We offer this opportunity for diverse low-income youth.

2. When possible we should strive to include all gender identifications.

3. Low-income shall be defined as 80% of the median family income for the area.

4. Diverse shall mean backgrounds who are under-represented in Fire or EMS. 

5. Candidates shall apply through their local Program Partner or Firefighter’s ABCs.

6. Firefighter’s ABCs may also take part in the selection process.

7. Candidate considerations:

  • Shall possess a high school diploma or GED.
  • Shall be at least 18 years at the EMT course start date.
  • Shall be enrolled in the Firefighter’s ABCs Online Internship Program and agree to complete their required monthly task for at least one year.
  • Shall agree to mentor four youth to join the free Online Internship Program within thirty days of accepting the grant.
  • Shall live in the county of the said Program Partner unless waived by the Program Partner and Firefighter’s ABCs.

Financial considerations:

If the student fails to complete the course when such reason is of their own choice they shall be required to refund 100% of the grant back to Firefighter’s ABCs within one year of their last day of attending class.

The total EMT grant shall not exceed $2,000.00.

If the course fees exceed $2,000.00, we suggest the school waive the remaining portion.  As and example Silicon Valley Ambulance located in San Jose, CA has agreed to waive any cost over $2,000.00.  Currently the cost for their Accelerated EMT Certification is $2,500.00 thus SVA will waive $500.00.

When possible all funding shall be paid to the EMT school upon graduation and the Program Partner shall administer this with the school.

We strongly suggest the sponsor organization develop partnerships with their local EMT school.

In doing so both the sponsor organization as well as the EMT school will have a vested interest in assuring the graduation of each student receiving this grant.

Funds shall be used in the following order with receipt and proof of purchase:

  • 100% shall go towards tuition
  • 100% of the remaining balance shall go towards books
  • 100% of the remaining balance shall go towards uniforms
  • 100% of the remaining balance shall go towards the National Registry Test
  • 100% of the remaining balance shall go towards other approved cost

The goals of this program are to:

  • First, support diversity in the Fire and EMS Field.
  • Second, provide funding for diverse youth to attend EMT school.
  • Third, support these youth in graduation from EMT school.
  • Fourth, foster relationships with EMT schools nationwide and in Canada to support said program.
  • Fifth, ensure these funds are used wisely, thus the sponsor organization as well as the EMT school should work in concert in allowing the payment for said school to be made upon graduation.

When full payment can not be arranged to be made at graduation we encourage the sponsor organization to encourage the student to place a modest amount of the total fees as a down payment of which will be returned upon graduation.

When all else fails in terms of when the payment is to be made – remember the goal is to support those who are from lower income homes and from diverse backgrounds to achieve the goal of one day being a part of the fire service – so let’s support these youth.

We wish those who apply success in being selected.

Most of all if you are not selected, we wish you success in your quest to be a part of the Fire and EMS field.

We encourage all youth to join our 100% Free Online Internship Program.

Never give up your dream.

Russell G. Hayden, Founder – Firefighter’s ABCs