Banner Usage Guidelines

Firefighter Diversity Recruitment Council Member Banner Sample Usage

FFABC BannerIn an effort to support your fire department, community as well as your local high schools and colleges we encourage your department to place your Firefighter Diversity Recruitment Council membership banner on your web site with a link to

We have found through conversations with other fire departments that placing your membership banner on the recruitment page of your site works best. However, placing your membership banner within your site truly acknowledges to your community your desire to support diversity within your hiring practices.

By placing the membership banner and link on your web site it serves to inform your community of the following:

  • Your Firefighter Diversity Recruitment Council Membership.
  • Providing awareness of the D.R.I.V.E. Program (Diversity Recruitment Injects Valued Employees Program) which offers a limited amount of “Free” subscriptions to the National Recruit Database as well as to the Online Internship Program to members of your community.
  • Provides a source of tools and support systems even when your department is not in the recruitment process or hiring process.

Please note:  These sample banners may not be in use at this time, as administrations and other items change with all agencies and organizations.

Please feel free to contact us for additional web site support and or suggestions at


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