High School Partnership Presentation


We encourage you to take a moment to view our presentation some of which was presented to the Santa Clara County Office of Education.

Please feel free to share this with high schools, high school districts and county boards of education within your network.

We also, ask that you provide feedback in terms of ways to make the fire service a viable option for the students in your community.  Send feedback to info@firefightersabcs.com

Any student which is shown the door to the fire service as a career option can succeed in this career choice.  Please don't pick and choose which students are made aware of this career option.


·     All grade levels 9th - 12th it is never too early

·     Both boys and girls - with a special focus on girls

·     All GPA levels

·     All diversity groups

·     Students in sports

·     Students not in sports

·     Encourage "At Risk" students

·     Encourage membership to the National Recruit Database

·     Share this career option with your PTA

·     Share this career option with parents

·     Share the Firefighter's ABC's web site with your local Fire Dept.

o  www.FirefightersABCs.com

·     Encourage your local fire department to join the Firefighter

   Diversity Recruitment Council

o   https://www.firefightersabcs.com/fdrc/join.php

·     Get students involved by starting a career savings account

o   Example - Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union -https://www.sccfcu.org/ASP/home.asp student savings for their career education

o https://www.firefightersabcs.com/affiliate/affiliate_listing.php




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