Firefighter’s ABC’s

“School Support System”


We welcome all High School, Junior College and Colleges to the Firefighter's ABC's "School Support System". 


The School Support System is for Students, Teachers, Career Staff, Counselors, CTE Staff, Principals, Superintendants and Parents. 


About the - School Support System:

  • Articles as it relates to students and a career in the fire service
  • You can submit a link to your school fire program:
    • Name of school
    • Web  link to your fire program
    • Contact for the fire program
    • Submit to -
    • We will post your link to our site.
  • You can submit a short article about your school fire program
    • Use same format as above
    • Attach a word document about the fire program
      • Note: Due to volume all articles will not be posted
  • National College of Technical Instruction - will share "How to" tips from time to time:
    • EMT Careers
    • Paramedic Careers
    • Other EMS Careers

We welcome and encourage all students as well as non-students to start early in planning for a career in the fire service.  



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