Firefighter's ABC's Student Program

Quote: "Chance favors the prepared mind"

Louis Pasteur - 12/27/1822 - 9/28/1895

French microbiologist and chemist

This quote holds true both in career and personel choices throughout your life.

Firefighter's ABC's is pleased to support high school and college students in their quest to become members of the Fire and Emergency Medical Service field.

There are a host of support items on our site to assist both students as well as school staff. These three links are key to the student program:

Santa Clara County Office of Education - "Business Partners"

Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union - "Affiliate Member"

National College of Technical Instruction - "Affiliate Member"  

Note: Through this programe we can support any high school or college nationwide.  

  1. CPAT - Austin Fire Department site
  2. Campus Fire Safety
  3. Online Fire Academy - EMT & Firefighter Training School
  4. Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service
  5. Henderson Safety & Health Academy
  6. Fire Science / Firefighting Colleges and Universities
  7. EKU - Eastern Kentucky University Fire & Safety Engineering Technology
  8. Fire Academy Online
  9. Fire Science Degree Programs Online
  10. Fire Fighting / EMT Training - McFatter Technical Center
  11. Fayetteville State University Fire Science
  12. Department of State - NY State - Advanced Ed in Fire science Programs
  13. Branchville11 Volunteer
  14. Pinole Fire Department school program
  15. Southside Virginia Community College - Fire Science Technology
  16. College of Southern Nevada - Fire Tech
  17. Two Rivers Fire Shadow Program for High School students
  18. Franklin Police and Fire High School
  19. Firefighting in Canada
  20. Forest Fire Fighter Career Summary
  21. Fox Valley Technical College - Fire Program

If you wish your "Affiliate Membership" or "Fire Program" listed send request and web site link to

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