Tattoos and Body Art

As all fire departments show an increase in the number of applications it is even more important to be the best prepared candidate as possible.

Tattoos & Body Art - You choice - Will a tattoo impact my career in the fire service or other employment?

Tips and Advice

The intent of this article is not to pass judgment of people with tattoos, rather to educate candidates who are contemplating getting one.

Some of our most competent and dedicated firefighters have ink on their bodies.

It is even more popular since 9/11. I would trust my life to them. The key difference is that they already have a badge.

If you are considering getting a tattoo and are wondering if it will affect you, the answer is a definite maybe.

A wise candidate would postpone getting one in favor of waiting until he or she has completed probation.  Even then a wise employee would seek advice prior to obtaining any body art. 

It is a risk versus benefit scenario.

Why take a chance on affecting your future? If you still feel strongly about getting one, just be aware of the potential consequences of your decision.

Orange County Fire Rescue - FL

To all future applicants:

As of January 1, 2010, Orange County Fire Rescue will not employ anyone who is required to wear a uniform that have visible tattoos, scarifications, and/or brandings that are visible on the head, face, neck or on the arms while wearing a department issue uniform.

Uniform Description:

  • Class "C" (short sleeve blue or white shirt)
  • Class "D" (short sleeve polo shirt)
  • Class "E" (t-shirt & workout shorts)

In addition, candidates shall not use gold, platimum, or other veneers or caps on their teeth for the purposes of ornamentation unless prescribed by a dentist as necessary dental wok.

Teeth, wheter natural, capped, or veneer, will not be decorated with designs, jewels, intial, etc.

The below General Order gives a complete overview of Orange County Fire Rescue new tattoo hiring policy.....

 Santa Clara County Fire Department - CA

Tattoo Guidelines: Eligible candidates must not have any tattoos visible in the SCCFD exercise uniform (i.e. exercise uniform is a SCCFD t-shirt and exercise shorts).

Tattoos containing profane and/or inappropriate messages and/or images are strictly prohibited.


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Tattoos & Body Art
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